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Christmas Day Lunch


It has to be the full Monty, doesn’t it? Roast turkey with all the trimmings and, if you’ve got enough room, Delia’s iconic Christmas pudding, complete with rum sauce!

Main Course


Roast Bronze free-range Turkey with Traditional Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing 

Even if you've never cooked a turkey in your life, it's easy as long as you follow Delia's recipe to the letter…




Served with 

Roast potatoes

The amounts here are not vital because it depends on who's greedy and who is on a diet and so on, but I find that 8 oz (225 g) per person is enough – yielding three each and a few extras for inevitable second helpings! I like Desirée best of all, but my second choice would be Romano.


Roast parsnips 
This is a good combination of flavours, and a nice alternative to plain roast parsnips.


and button sprouts,

Giblet gravy 

 However unpromising the giblets look, they make a wonderful stock for the turkey gravy and the meat from them will provide a Christmas lunch for a deserving cat or dog.


Cranberry and orange relish 

This is quite an exotic accompaniment, actually suitable for all poultry and game, yet it is made in moments


Traditional bread sauce

Traditional bread sauce is one of the great, classic British sauces, but I think it has suffered from either not being made properly or – worst of all – being made from a mix or packet. The real thing is beautifully creamy and the perfect accompaniment to turkey on Christmas Day



The Delia Christmas Pudding 
This, without apologies, is my Christmas pudding recipe that has been in print for 30 years, and the one I have used each year ever since. If I say it myself, it is unbeatable, especially when it has had a little time to mature. This recipe makes one large pudding.


Hot Buttery Rum Sauce 
This is what we invariably serve with Christmas pudding in our house. The quantity of rum is a guideline only (I would have to confess that we add a bit more!). Brandy can be substituted for the rum, if that's what you prefer.



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