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Choosing a tree


Christmas simply wouldn’t be the same without a deliciously scented pine tree. Here are five of the best.

paula pryke - norway spruce tree NORWAY SPRUCE
Think Christmas tree and you’re probably thinking of a Norway spruce, the traditional, cheapest and still the most popular tree. Frequent watering helps the needles stay put.

paula pryke - blue spruce tree BLUE SPRUCE

Paula’s favourite tree, because of its silvery colour, although some people dislike the strong scent. It’s needles last fairly well and it’s usually reasonably priced.

paula pryke - scots pine tree SCOTS PINE
This tree’s long elegant blue-green needles last a long time. Scots pine is also recognisable by its beautiful, natural, pine-forest scent. An inexpensive tree.

paula pryke - noble fir NOBLE FIR
The slowest growing and therefore most expensive. Noble fir’s needles curl up slightly, making it an ideal tree for holding decorations. The needles last well.

paula pryke - douglas fir tree DOUGLAS FIR
This orange-scented tree is often sold as branches only – ideal to use in wreaths, garlands, centerpieces etc – as its soft branches don’t support decorations well.

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