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Can't find creme fraiche?


We realise that it's hugely frustrating if you go to make one of Delia's recipes then realise you can't buy a key ingredient locally. So, in an effort to help, here are our suggestions.

Some ingredients are often difficult to locate in some countries – fromage frais, creme fraiche, Greek yoghurt, self-raising flour, Thai fish sauce, etc. If you're having trouble, take a look at our Information Centre, where you'll find a section on alternative ingredients.
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Different creme fraiche picAnd, if you're using the site from across the Atlantic, you might like to know that How to Cook, incorporating Book One and Book Two is available in an American edition published by Dorling Kindersley, with substitutions and conversions.
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We can't, unfortunately, give specific alternatives in recipes as these would, in many cases, alter the end result and Delia would need to re-test all the recipes affected. However, we hope that the above goes some way to help.

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