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Better late than never!


Apricots, plums, blackberries, figs, peaches, raspberries and currants…as summer draws to a close there are compensations in the fruit department. Enjoy Delia’s recipes for compotes, cakes and refreshing desserts packed with fruit flavour.

Plums and damsons 
Redcurrant jelly
Plum or damson ketchup 

Feeling fruity?

One of the best things about summer fruits is their affinity with other fruits, cream and alcohol in pies, compotes and classic Summer Pudding.

Late-summer fruitfulness 

Precious stones

Plums, apricots and peaches are wonderful with Amaretto and Marsala. There’s also a flan that’s popular with all who eat it and great teatime treats! 

Classic combinations  

Dreamy creams

Think of classic strawberries and cream and you can see that Delia has taken this a step further with these fruit and cream pairings.

Cream and fruit concoctions


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