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Barbecues: fire the appetite



Get grilling and treat yourself to Delia's wonderful kebabs and salads, as well as salsas, side dishes and meaty classics, plus a new gallery of barbecue desserts. We've even got barbecue goodies to buy online.
Delia on the perfect barbecue
...and her equipment advice

Meat and fish classics
Whether it's 4 July or not, enjoy this lovely American barbecue menu!
Delia on essential barbecue equipment...
...and advice on the best way to barbecue food 

Tomato tart 
Herb butter 
Courgette salad 
Cool drinks 
Herby rice salad
Cucumber raita 
Mini focaccia 

Sticky stuff

Barbecues and kebabs go together like Wimbledon and strawberries, and Delia has lots of recipes to stick on the barbie. There are even veggie treats and these lovely low-fat marinated chicken brochettes (right).




Salads and salsas

As Delia says, barbecue food has to be assertive, so you need flavourful salads and salsas too.

Salad days 
Do the salsa!

What next?

For dessert, you just want something easy and refreshing that won't suffer from being outdoors. These desserts scrub up a treat...

Fire extinguishers: barbecue desserts



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