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The Delia Online Cookery School range of cake tin liners


If you find lining a cake tin almost as daunting as making a cake, and as fiddly as anything you might have attempted made by a Blue Peter presenter, Delia has come to your rescue once again!

Put away your scissors, pencils and measuring tape and say hello to Bake-O-Glide™ cake liners. Working closely with Delia, Falcon Products Ltd, another British manufacturer, have produced a range of liners in all the cake tin measurements required to make every recipe in Delia’s Cakes, so you will always have the right sized liner to hand at all times.

They are absolutely non-stick, they can be rinsed under that tap and used again and again…. and again.

Below we have a list of stockists of the cake liners as well as a link to the Falcon Products website

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