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...And all the trimmings


No Christmas meal is complete without all the wonderful trimmings. Here are Delia's trusted suggestions for stuffings, sauces and vegetables to add the final touches to your turkey, goose or pheasant. We've also included some step-by-step techniques and background info on ingredients, so you can't possibly go wrong.




How to make bread sauce 
How to make gravy 
How to roast potatoes 
How to roast vegetables 


 Stuffing the bird

If you like home-made stuffing, you simply must try these... 
American Turkey Stuffing
Eighteenth-century Chestnut Stuffing
Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing 

Sauce for the goose?

Sauces and relishes savoury and sweet like these are essential elements in your Christmas dinner. 
Traditional Bread Sauce 
Traditional Gravy 
Cumberland Sauce 
Cranberry and Onion Confit 

Brown Sugar Brandy Butter
Cumberland Rum Butter


Veg out...

...on these gorgeous vegetable side dishes. Make extra, as they'll all want seconds. 
Quick-braised Celery 
Oven-roasted Winter Vegetables 
Parmesan-baked Parsnips 
Brussels Sprouts in Riesling with Bacon
Perfect Roast Potatoes 
Bashed Neeps and Carrots
Braised Celery with Cheese and Onion Sauce
Traditional Braised Cabbage with Apples


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