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A summer menu packed with American favourites!


It's easy to forget in our fast food age that America has a fine food tradition too: all the family will enjoy these lipsmacking crab cakes, classic burgers that are a million miles from anything you can buy in a fast food restaurant and a lovely ice cream that uses blueberries, an iconic Stateside fruit. Enjoy...



Rosti crab cakes

As a great lover of any type of fish cake I have always adored American crab cakes, but somehow the small English crabs seem too rich for them. After some serious tasting comparisons with my husband, scoring out of ten, the following recipe gets top marks. The potato counteracts the richness of the crab more effectively than the usual breadcrumbs, and served with Pickled Limes you complete a marriage made in heaven!

Main course


All-American half-pounders

There are several kinds of hamburgers, ranging from those that come frozen or served up in fast-food chains to the slightly more classy supermarket varieties. Few people, I suspect, have tasted the real thing, which consists of good steak chopped and tenderised, formed into burgers and grilled on charcoal. The degree of thickness is paramount, since that ensures a crisp, charred outside and a juicy, rare, medium-rare or whatever-you-like inside. I find that 4 oz (110 g) of meat is perfect if it is going to be served in a bun, but 8 oz (225 g) is best for a more sophisticated adult version. Personally, I prefer it to eating a plain grilled steak. 




Blueberry crumble ice cream

Summer fruits make wonderful ice creams, and one of my favourites is crumble ice cream. One of the best is made with blueberries – the colour looks very attractive, and the flavour of the blueberries and the added crunch of crumble make this a stunning ice cream.



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