An unusual alliance of chefs in the very best restaurants and package holidays to Greece and Spain has finally cracked the British aversion to squid.

Scary though it may look, squid has a mild flavour and – when cooked correctly
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Greek-style Squid with Lemon, Garlic and Olive Oil Serves 2

Greek-style Squid with Lemon, Garlic and Olive Oil

Anyone who's visited the Greek islands on holiday will be familiar with this local favourite - quick to cook if you want to avoid rubbery squid and a real taste of an Aegean summer.

Char-grilled Squid with Chilli Jam Serves 4

Char-grilled Squid with Chilli Jam

We have a tradition with some close friends that involves always having Easter Sunday lunch at Yetman's restaurant, in Holt in Norfolk, where Alison and Peter Yetman cook and serve my absolute favourite kind of food.

Calamares fritos (fried baby squid) serves 2 as a starter or part of a tapas selection

Calamares fritos (fried baby squid)

These are so simple – they take seconds to cook and are good served with Tracklements’ Chilli Jam. I buy mine ready-prepared (still frozen from the fish counter at Waitrose) so I can always have a stash in the freezer.

Seafood Lasagne Serves 4-6

Seafood Lasagne

A superb special-occasion recipe when you need to rustle something up unexpectedly, as all the ingredients come from the storecupboard or the freezer. Yet it's so sumptuous!




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