Sesame oil

 Sesame oil Key facts A vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds, this is very popular in South Indian cooking. It is also used as a flavour enhancer in South East Asia and parts of China. Rich in polyunsaturates, this oil is also a good source of omega 6, vitamin E, iron, zinc and calcium. Use it up as quickly as possible as it can go rancid after a time.

An excellent oil, and rich in nutty sesame flavour. It's great in oriental dishes and dressings, but needs to be used very sparingly, as the flavour can be overwhelming.

Storing oil: This has to be in the coolest-possible place, though not in the fridge, as oil solidifies when it gets too cold. Light is not good for oils, either, so a cool, dark corner would be the best place to store them.

Most oils have date stamps, so watch these, and although it is more expensive to buy in smaller quantities, it is still cheaper than throwing out stale oil that never got used.

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