Quail Key facts A member of the pheasant family, the quail is found in Europe, Asia and Africa, where it is often bred both for its meat and eggs. When eating quail it is common to eat the bones as well, as they are soft and not easy to remove the meat from. In Japan, raw quail eggs - considered a delicacy worldwide - are used in sushi.

These are completely domesticated game birds, bred in this country for the table. Don’t be taken in by their tiny appearance, which is, in fact, quite deceptive – they are surprisingly plump and the flesh is delicious.

Serve two quails per person – a good way to serve them is to place a sage leaf on the breast of each bird, wrap it in bacon, then place them on a bed of previously softened onions and mushrooms along with 5 fl oz (150ml) dry white wine, cider or Madeira. Then braise them in a medium oven – gas mark 4, 350°F (180°C) and give them 40-45 minutes.

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Roast Quail Wrapped in Pancetta and Vine Leaves with Grape Confit Serves 4

Roast Quail Wrapped in Pancetta and Vine Leaves with Grape Confit

Plump little quail are the ultimate in single-serving foods...and very easy to cook and serve (no carving needed!). If you can't find vine leaves, use foil instead.




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