Plaice Key facts Plaice can grow up to 100cm and live for up to 50 years, but overfishing has meant that this is now quite rare. There are four species of plaice in Europe; it is a popular fish in Denmark and northern Germany.

Plaice is a popular fish with a good flavour and a fine texture. The white underside fillet can be bought separately and as the skin is very tender, it tends to melt into the flesh during the cooking and can therefore be eaten.

Plaice is suitable for grilling, frying, goujons, rolling and stuffing, steaming and poaching.

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Grilled Plaice Fillets with Shrimp Sauce Serves 2

Grilled Plaice Fillets with Shrimp Sauce

This sumptuous fish dish tastes a million dollars yet can be assembled and cooked in just 10 minutes - who says special-occasion food demands all day in the kitchen?

Fried Plaice Fillets with a Herb and Polenta Crust Serves 2

Fried Plaice Fillets with a Herb and Polenta Crust

A good way to avoid making breadcrumbs, and therefore save time, is to keep a packet of polenta (cornmeal) in the cupboard. It makes an excellent coating for all types of fish.




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