Parsley Key facts There is no difference between flat-leaf parsley and curly parsley beyond appearance, but the latter seems to have fallen out of favour as all things Mediterranean have gained in popularity. Parsley is said to help relieve itching from mosquito bites and can help to lower blood pressure.

What needs to be said about the most universal and widely used herb of all? No garden or window box should be without it.

The leaves can be used to flavour and enliven the appearance of many, many dishes. The stalks may be added to stocks, while sprigs of parsley are the most ubiquitous garnish of the lot.

To keep a good supply going, it's best to sow some seeds in late spring and again at the end of summer, as the plant is a biennial.

Supermarkets sell chopped parsley in little tubs, useful when you only want to use small amounts.

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