Mozzarella Key facts Buffalo mozzarella originates from Campania in southern Italy and is the best you can buy. Mozzarella can be marinated in oil and herbs for an extra-special salad or as part of a platter of antipasti, served with cold meats and olives.

Mozzarella di bufala, made from the milk of water buffalo, is the original Mozzarella and is excellent for serving just as it is – sliced, seasoned with salt and pepper, with some really good olive oil sprinkled over.

Add to this ripe tomatoes and basil leaves and good bread, and what you have is one of the nicest salads of all. Mozzarella made from cows’ milk is the one to use in cooking: it has a very mild, creamy, faintly sour flavour and, because it melts so beautifully and instantly, it’s extremely good used in sauces, pasta dishes and, of course, as a pizza topping.

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