Marjoram and Oregano

 Marjoram and Oregano

There are three different varieties of this plant. Pot marjoram is a perennial herb which is inclined to spread itself all over the space that is allocated to it.

Sweet marjoram is a half-hearted perennial (because it won't survive a hard winter). And there is wild marjoram, which in Greece is called rigani and in Italy oregano. I grow the first type, because I'm not organised enough to sow a new batch each year. I use it, along with other herbs, for herb butters, herb omelettes and herb-flavoured dressings for salads.

Fresh pot marjoram can be used for any recipe that calls for oregano, but for winter use I would strongly recommend dried oregano.

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Anchoïade with Toasted Goats' Cheese Croutons

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