Mangoes Key facts In the Indian sub-continent, the arrival of the Alphonso mango season is greeted much as we rejoice at the first asparagus. Look out for these mangoes in Asian shops in May - they are superb. Mangoes can be used in savoury dishes and salads as well as desserts and smoothies.

When you're standing before a ripe, plump mango and you can feel its soft ripeness and smell its quite overwhelming fragrance, that is a time to rejoice.

Fast jets now mean everybody can enjoy this most luscious and succulent of fruits, with its dazzling orange-yellow flesh. The fruit itself is fragrant, with a custard flavour. That said, a mango is always rather awkward to prepare, but first you need to check that it's ripe. Colour is not an indication: the skins are variously green, red, yellow-orange or even vaguely purple.

As with an avocado, you need to hold the fruit in your hand and feel a 'give' of softness when you exert a little pressure. Smell, too, can help you – the riper it is the heavier the perfume.

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Mango Chutney Makes three 500 ml capacity jars

Mango Chutney

Serve this lovely chunky mango chutney - which is simplicity itself to make - with cold meats, leftover turkey or anything spicy.

Tropical Fruit Salad in Planter's Punch Serves 8

Tropical Fruit Salad in Planter's Punch

Fruit salad with a kick, based on a Caribbean cocktail of rum, fruit juices and spice: a mouthwatering way to end a summer meal and a good recipe when entertaining.

Thai Fish Curry with Mango Serves 4 generously

Thai Fish Curry with Mango

You won't believe how utterly simple and easy this is, and yet it tastes exotic and wonderful and, what's more, it can all be prepared well in advance and the fish added about 10 minutes before you want to eat it.

Marinated Chicken with Honey and Ginger served with Mango and Sultana Salsa and Saffron-roasted Potatoes Serves 4

Marinated Chicken with Honey and Ginger served with Mango and Sultana Salsa and Saffron-roasted Potatoes

Limes, honey, mangoes, chilli and ginger do wonders for the humble chicken in this light and healthy supper dish, served with gorgeous golden saffron potatoes.

Lime and Mango Ice Cream Makes 2 pints (1.2 litres)

Lime and Mango Ice Cream

In Thailand, mango is served with lime wedges to squeeze over it, the citrus sharpness cutting through the rich, perfumed flesh of the mango. Here, Delia has combined them to create an ice cream that would be ideal at the end of a Thai meal.




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