Gruyère Key facts Aged for between five months and one year, Gruyere is the first Swiss cheese to be given AOC status. In France, Gruyere cheeses include Beaufort and Comte. In Switzerland Gruyere does not have holes, yet in France it does.

Most of the great Continental cheeses are legally protected and can only be made in a certain way in a certain region (see Camembert and Parmesan).

Gruyère is not like this, it is a broader (generic) description of a large, hard cheese made by cooking the milk – which means heating beyond the temperature needed to simply get the curds to form. Gruyère has a yeasty, nutty flavour and close texture. Famous AOC cheeses within the Gruyère group are Beaufort and Conte (France) and Emmenthal (France and Switzerland).

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