Cottage cheese

 Cottage cheese Key facts Cottage cheese can replace ricotta in recipes; it bears the name 'cottage' cheese because in the 19th century, simple cheese was made in cottages from milk left over after making butter; high in protein, cottage cheese is low in fat and carbohydrate, which is why it's popular with dieters.
This is a very popular cheese because of its low fat content and is a firm friend of the waistwatcher. It is made from skimmed milk that is first heat-treated, then a starter culture is added that forms the curds and whey. These are then washed several times in chilled water to remove the whey, and the curds are then drained and, finally, given a very light dressing of cultured cream. The result is a mild, faintly acidic cheese with just a hint of creaminess but not a great deal of character and flavour. Cottage cheese should always be eaten as fresh as possible and is best served sprinkled with snipped fresh chives and seasoned with coarse salt and black pepper.
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