Capers Key facts If the buds are not picked, they develop into berries - the larger caperberry; capers are very popular in southern Italy and Sicily, where they are used in pasta sauces, salads, pizza and meat sauces; capers are an ancient ingredient, mentioned in the Bible.
These little Mediterranean flower buds – sometimes tiny, sometimes fat and squashy – are an acquired taste, but do persevere. Capers add a lively piquancy to all kinds of dishes, especially sauces and fish. Nobody likes their first alcoholic drink, but we’ve all experienced how soon that catches on, and it’s the same with capers. You can buy them either preserved in salt (which I prefer) or in vinegar. Either way you need to place them in a sieve and rinse them under cold water first. Capers in vinegar will keep well once opened, provided the vinegar covers them completely. If it doesn’t you’ll need to do some topping up.
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Because British domestic grills are so variable in their efficiency, I think a ridged grill pan is a very good investment. It's particularly good for thick tuna steaks and gives those lovely charred stripes that look so attractive.




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