Beef – steak

 Beef – steak Key facts Fillet steak is extremely tender as it comes from a part of the animal that has little muscle; the French term 'filet mignon' actually means 'exquisite or dainty' fillet; fillet steak lends itself best to quick cooking rather than casseroling.
The prime beef steak cut is the fillet or tenderloin which runs beneath the lower backbone. Fillet steaks or the smaller filet mignon steaks (tournedos) are unadulterated tender, juicy nuggets of luxury that are excellent plainly grilled, or fried, or wrapped in pastry with a mushroom stuffing. Sirloin steak, which is a section of the sirloin joint, comes a close second for melting tenderness and is definitely spoil-yourself food. Rump steak does bring up the rear in terms of tenderness – it is a rougher cut – but full of flavour. Some say it is best for frying or grilling, but it can be braised.
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