Beef – silverside, topside, top rump

 Beef – silverside, topside, top rump Key facts There are 2.2 million head of beef cattle in the UK; traditional British breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Herefords are reared, along with French breeds such as Limousin and Charolais, which produce tender meat; beef is a major source of protein in the diet.
Topside and top rump are very lean cuts of beef for slow roasting. Either is best served rare or medium rare carved into large, thin slices, something easy to do as there are no bones. Silverside and, again, top rump are both good for pot roasting, too. The principle of pot roasting is long, slow cooking of the meat in a fairly heavy cooking pot (with a tight-fitting lid) in a small amount of liquid which can be stock, wine or cider. This creates a steamy atmosphere inside the closed pot, which keeps the joint moist as it cooks. Herbs and vegetables may be added too, and sometimes the meat is marinated first. The finished dish should be very tender and succulent.
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