Beef – oxtail

 Beef – oxtail Key facts Although categorised as offal, oxtail comes from any beef animal (not just an ox) and is meaty; it lends itself to slow-cooking, producing a thick, rich gravy; oxtail is popular in the Caribbean, made into a soup.
There is something about the flavour and aroma of an oxtail braising in the oven that’s very comforting on a bitter cold winter’s day. Choose an oxtail that clearly has plenty of flesh around the bone: one complete oxtail will serve three to four people. It is particularly good with haricot or cannellini beans, which seem to absorb so much of the flavour.
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Oxtail braised in Cider Serves 4-6

Oxtail braised in Cider

Alas, oxtail gets more expensive, but it’s very plentiful in the autumn and just needs some vegetables to eke it out.




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