Limes Key facts Limes are used widely in Oriental food to flavour and add a citrus tang to curries, salads and stir-fries. When buying, choose limes with a smooth skin. In Thailand, cooks cut out the central core of bitter pith from a lime before cooking with it or using it as a garnish.

Whilst lemon trees grow and thrive in the Mediterranean, they can't survive the hot, steamy humidity of Asian countries - so enter limes, yet another supreme gift of nature.

Limes, like lemons, are filled with fragrant acidic juice and the zest contains the same high-flavoured oils. Though limes are a small, green lookalike lemon, their flavour is distinctly different. I love limes and always have them in my kitchen.

If you want a low-fat salad dressing, look no further – just squeeze lime juice all over and it's remarkable how it offers both its own flavour and at the same time manages to enhance other flavours in the salad. It also really enhances the flavour of mango, pawpaw and pineapple.

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