Apricots Key facts

Apricots were first cultivated in Japan; ground apricot kernels (not almonds) are used in amaretto and amaretti biscuits; Turkey is the world's largest producer; apricots are extremely high in carotenoids (antioxidants) which help protect against heart disease and cancer.

Here's a fruit that cannot be grown without warm sunshine, so we have to rely on Mediterranean countries for supplies. Picked straight from the tree, an apricot can be delightful to eat raw, warm from the sun, but once they arrive here I feel they need light cooking to bring out the best apricot flavour. The season is short – June to August – but dried apricots are now available all year round and can nearly always be used in apricot recipes.When it comes to preparing apricots, there's no need to peel them – all you do is cut the apricot around the natural line into two halves, then, holding the half containing the stone in one hand, give a little twist and squeeze as you remove the stone with the other hand.
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Spiced Apricot and Orange Chutney Makes a 1¾ pint (1 litre) jar

Spiced Apricot and Orange Chutney

This is a superlative chutney: it makes an elegant accompaniment to the Terrine with Three Cheeses, is excellent with Pheasant Terrine and is the main ingredient for a wonderful sauce for Roast Loin of Pork. To sterilise the jar, wash it thoroughly i

Christmas Chutney Makes a 1 litre jar

Christmas Chutney

This is so-named because it is made with dried fruits, which I always associate with Christmas: prunes, dates and apricots. It's dark, spicy and delicious with cold cuts, pork pies or hot sausages – and it goes splendidly with matured Cheddar.

Spiced Carnaroli Rice Salad Serves 4

Spiced Carnaroli Rice Salad

This is a lovely spicy salad with Moroccan overtones – perfect for a buffet lunch, party or serving with cold cuts and spicy chutneys.

A Mixed Grill with Apricot Barbecue Glaze Serves 6

A Mixed Grill with Apricot Barbecue Glaze

Use whatever meats you like, and chicken: the most important element is this lovely tangy, fruity glaze that lifts a barbecue into another realm…

Summer Fruit Compote Serves 6

Summer Fruit Compote

This wonderful summery compote is a great way to use up a glut of fruit if you grow your own or find some reduced in the shops. The joy of it is that you can use any fruit you like.




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