Hazelnuts Key facts Turkey is the world's largest producer of hazelnuts, mainly for commercial use. This nut is a good source of protein and fibre and has useful amounts of B vitamins, especially B6. It is sold whole, ground or made into a paste for confectionery use, although nuts are also used for livestock feed.

Here is a nut that really does grow well in Britain, though you have to keep a sharp lookout from late August or the squirrels will beat you to it.

A filbert is a large, cultivated variety of hazelnut and a cobnut is a fat, cultivated version. Confusingly the famous Kentish cobnut really is Lambert’s filbert, but such considerations should not stop you swooping on any your greengrocer is enterprising enough to find.

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Hand-made Chocolates

People search the world over for the very best chocolates, but there's no need. The very best of all are those freshly made at home. Just the thing to serve with the coffee after a very special meal.

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Raisin and Spice Crunchies

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Coffee and Hazelnut Macaroons

These crunchy little hazelnut biscuits go very well with Irish Coffee Cappuccino Creams with Cream and Sweet Coffee Sauce. Alternatively, if you leave out the coffee, they're excellent for serving with ice creams or jellies.

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