Sauces and Dressings


How to make bread sauce

Creamy bread sauce studded with cloves dates back to Tudor times and is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken and game.


How to make caramel

Caramel has a reputation for being difficult to make - and ruining pans. But if you follow Delia's instructions you'll end up with a gorgeous liquid toffee. Then just fill the pan with hot water immmediately for easy washing up later!


How to make custard

Custard is one of the highlights of British cooking - which is why the French refer to it as creme Anglaise. Fly the flag with Delia's easy version.


How to make vinaigrette

Salads are not dressed unless they have a coating of vinaigrette. You can experiment with the wide range of oils and vinegars available these days, but just remember to keep the proportions as Delia states them here.


Cooks' Questions on Sauces and dressings

Find out what questions our members have been asking about sauces and dressings...

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