Rice and Pasta


Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta are staples of many of our diets so it's surprising that you still find soggy pasta and sticky rice in the homes of Britain at supper time. If you follow Delia's advice to the letter, you will never, ever go wrong again, we promise!


How to cook perfect pasta

Perfect pasta, cooked until al dente, isn't just the stuff of your local trattoria. Follow Delia's step-by-step instructions and you'll get it right every time!


How to cook perfect rice

What is it about cooking rice? So many people end up with a sticky mass in the pan but it couldn't be easier if you follow Delia's rules.


How to cook pilau rice

Pilau rice - the essential accompaniment to Indian curries - isn't at all difficult to cook as long as you follow Delia's advice for light, separate grains every time.


Cooks' Questions on Pasta, pulses and grains

Find out what our members are asking about cooking rice and pasta...

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