From Sunday roasts to midweek suppers, knowing how to roast, fry, grill and casserole meat will allow you to create a wealth of Delia’s gorgeous recipes, with succulent, tender meat every time.



From casseroles to carving, grilling to roasting, Delia has covered off everything you'd ever need to know about meat cookery.


How to casserole meat

Cooking a casserole of soft, tender meat and flavourful sauce really isn't that difficult, as long as you follow a few simple rules while doing so. Delia goes slow...


How to grill and fry meat

Hot pans, dry meat brought to room temperature and a little bit of patience when cooking are just three of the rules for success when frying and grilling meat.


How to roast beef

A joint of beef makes the perfect centrepiece for a Sunday lunch, so the last thing you want is tough, chewy meat. Here, Delia tells you how to roast to perfection...


Cooks' Questions on Meat, poultry and game

Find out what our members have been asking about meat, poultry and game...


The principles of casserole cookery

Browning meat at a high temperature, dipping it in flour, using the right cuts and cooking at the correct temperature are all crucial factors for casseroles.


Slow progress: Delia on casseroles

Here, Delia explains the fast way to successful slow cooking.

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