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What's the best lamb for a casserole?


What's the best lamb for a casserole?

 A Bit of the Irish Stew

Don't just stick to the more traditional roast leg or shoulder of lamb. Try a succulent stew or casserole. 

For stewing, middle neck or scrag eng of neck are generally used as the bones impart delicious juices to the liquid. Also best end of neck chops are ideal for braising (as in Traditional Lancashire Hotpot). In Scotland these are called single loin chops and in the Midlands simply cutlets. Both these shoulder cuts will also roast. 

Traditional Lancashire Hotpot
A Bit of the Irish Stew with Crusted Dumplings
Ragout of Lamb
Navarin of Lamb
Braised Lamb Shanks with Cannellini Beans
Braised Lamb with Flageolet Beans
Greek Lamb on the Bone with Aubergines and Rice Pilau


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