Fruit and Vegetables


How to steam asparagus

Asparagus is a real food highlight of late spring and early summer but cook it badly and you'll end up with a soggy mess! Here Delia tells you how to steam it so that you retain all the flavour.


How to steam potatoes

Steaming potatoes retains their nutritional value and flavour so is a really good cooking method, as it is for all vegetables. If you've never steamed potatoes before, Delia shows the way.


How to cook jacket potatoes

Jacket potatoes are a brilliant and cheap way of enjoying a sustaining supper or lunch. Fill them with a variety of foods from cheese and beans to tuna mayo and you can't go wrong.


How to mash potatoes

Buttery, creamy mash is one of life's great pleasures ... and not just to serve with sausages. Get it right with Delia's help and we just know you'll be making it again and again.


How to prepare and serve a mango

When buying a mango, choose a heavy one as this will be ripe. Don't worry about the large central stone - Delia has a nifty way of removing this while, at the same time, maximising the amount of fruit you get from it.


How to roast courgettes

Roasting courgettes seem to intensify their flavour and avoids the problem of soggy veg that you get all too often when boiling. Try it and we're convinced you'll never cook courgettes any other way!


How to roast potatoes

All cooks need to have perfect roast potatoes in their repertoire - soft, fluffy insides, crisp, crunchy skins. And they're not that difficult either if you follow Delia's instructions.


How to roast vegetables

From wintry root veg to Mediterranean summery favourites, many vegetables lend themselves to roasting which seems to intensify their colour and flavour. Give it a try!

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