Fish and Shellfish


Don't be squeamish about fish!

Why are so many people funny about fish? Delia tackles this topic and offers helpful advice on overcoming the fish phobia!


How to bone a herring, trout or mackerel

Many people are put off eating fish such as mackerel, trout and herrings due to the large number of bones. Fear no more: Delia tells you how to bone them - well worth it, as they're tasty little fish and cheap to boot!


How to dress a crab

In the summer months, a fresh crab is one of the seasonal highlights. Here, Delia tells you to how to dress a crab for sweet eating!


How to fry and grill fish

Frying and grilling fish to perfection is a really useful kitchen skill as it allows you to cook healthy and nutritious fish, maximising its taste and flavour but minimising the fat content.


How to poach and steam fish

Because fish has a delicate flavour, poaching and steaming are great techniques to use on it - and they're low fat, so the best option for dieters.


Cooks' Questions on Fish and shellfish

Find out what questions our members are asking about fish and shellfish...


How to shell prawns

Shelling prawns may seem like the messiest, fiddliest job on earth. But if you know what you're doing, there's a foolproof way to prepare them in no time at all (and, no, it doesn't mean buying shelled ones!)


How to cook fish

Get it right and you'll be rewarded with one of nature's healthiest and most enjoyable foods. Get it wrong and you'll have dried-out fish that not even the cat will find alluring. Delia shows you how!

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