A staple of most diets, eggs are cheap, nutritious and extremely versatile. All you have to do is master the basic techniques of scrambling, poaching, frying, boiling and omelettes to be able to rustle up a meal in minutes!  Click here for more information on eggs, and watch Delia's videos in our Online Cookery School here.

Delia's egg recipes to try



How to boil an egg

People vary in how they like their eggs boiled, from runny to almost hard. Here Delia outlines the best ways to crack this favourite breakfast method!


How to whisk egg whites

Air, absolutely no grease and a large mixing bowl are the three essentials if you want perfectly whisked egg whites.


How to fry an egg

Sunny side up? Easy over? Whichever way you like them, fried eggs are a doddle to make and very versatile things to add to other recipes.


How to make an omelette

Omelettes are really easy once you have the knack, providing you with a lunch or supper dish in minutes! Then all you have to do is choose which type you want to eat.


How to tell how fresh an egg is

This is so useful to know: when it comes to making cakes it doesn't really matter if an egg is less than fresh, but for frying, boiling, poaching or scrambling, the fresher the better. Find out how...


Eggs: safety first

Eggs do carry certain health risks but if you follow the rules you will never go wrong. For pregnant women, the young and the elderly though, raw eggs can be dangerous.

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