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Methods of cake-making


There are several different ways of making a cake, and the method is determined by the fat you are using and the end result you want to achieve. Read what Delia has to say on the subject... 

sponge-04aCreaming This is the term used when a cake is made with butter or block margarine (soft or whipped margarines are unsuitable). It means that the fat and sugar are beaten together until creamy and pale: the eggs are then beaten into this mixture bit by bit.

Rubbing-in A cake made by this method starts off with the fat being rubbed into the flour – exactly the same as for shortcrust pastry. Butter, block margarine and lard can all be used. It is a very easy method.

Boil-and-bake In recipes of this kind the fat and liquid are boiled together before the flour is added. Again, a very straightforward method.
All-in-one Exactly as the name suggests, these cakes are mixed all in one go. All the ingredients go into the bowl together and the mixing is done in seconds. Soft margarine is tailor-made for this method. 

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