Cake- and pastry-making are two of life’s great pleasures – but if your sponges are always wafer thin and your pastry like rock, you’re really missing out!

Learn how to make the lightest pastry and cakes, as well as techniques for Christmas and the technical stuff like lining tins. 


What went wrong?

When making cakes there are various things that seem to go wrong, from sinking to overbrowning or curdling the mixture. Delia addresses some common pitfalls and tells you how to avoid them.


How to decorate a Christmas cake

A steady hand, perfect icing and some creative inspiration are all you need, so don't be shy: with Delia's help you can turn out a Christmas cake to be proud of!


How to line a cake tin with baking parchment

Although slightly tedious, lining your cake tins is essential if you're to be able to turn out your cakes without them turning to crumbs! If you want to cheat, you can buy ready-cut liners from Lakeland - visit our cookware page to buy them!


All about cake ingredients

There's not that much mystique about making cakes, but some people seem reluctant to try. With Delia's help you'll soon be a whiz cake-maker: here she tells you all about the right ingredients to use.


How to make choux pastry

Choux pastry has a reputation - a bit like souffles - of being tricky to get right. But as long as you follow Delia's instructions, you'll soon be concocting perfect profiteroles and can then try the wonderful croquembouche!


All about shortbread

Crisp buttery shortbread is a teatime institution and quick and easy to make. So let Delia show you how and get that kettle on for a real treat!

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