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First Term: How to Make Perfect Cakes
Lesson 7: Biscuits

Home-made fish cakes

Hard to resist homemade fish cakes and hard to believe how easy they are to make. These little Thai fish cakes served with a cucumber dipping sauce, are a great starter for a spicy main course.

Rosti crab cakes are perfect for a summer menu, and of course salmon fishcakes made with tinned salmon are easy peasy

Delia's fish cake recipes

Late summer fruits

Supermarket shelves are laden with packs and packs of soft fruits (all grown in the UK), at the moment. They make a simple dessert needing nothing more than a dollop of cream or fromage frais, but with some great offers around it is well worth picking up some extra for cooking with.

Here are some of Delia's recipes using strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries.

Summer Fruit Recipes

Gooseberry and Elderflower Preserve

su206-gooseberry-preserve1-22596 If you've never made jams or preserves yourself, you're really missing out on a taste sensation.

Delia's Gooseberry and Elderflower Preserve is super-easy to follow and you will end up with plenty of jars to tuck away in your cupboard for when you want a little taste of summer in winter.

Gooseberry and Elderflower Preserve

Easy paella  

paellaa-23997.jpg Delia's recipe for paella is a simple, no fuss version serving six people as a complete meal and needing no accompaniment.

Spanish chorizo sausage, juicy prawns and chicken are all cooked to perfection with paella rice and only needing lemon wedges and hot plates to serve.

Delia's paella recipe

Halloumi and Feta Cheese

Bring back memories of warm sunny holidays in Greece or Cyprus with Delia's recipes using halloumi and feta cheese. Not so exciting on their own but once they've absorbed flavours when they are marinated or cooked they take on a whole new dimension and are perfect for salads, kebabs.

Have a look at our recipes

Holiday barbecue recipes

su084-spiced-lamb-cashew-01-19008 Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't where you are! If you are lucky enough to have fine weather browse Delia's barbecue recipes. Fortunately most of them can be made in your kitchen, so if you need to revert to Plan B and move things indoors at the last minute you will be fine.

Barbecue recipes

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