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How to make Marmalade

do0012-poor-mans-cassoulet-20749 braised-saus-borlotti1-24235 Just add mash...   

The cold snap may have you thinking of comfort food, and what better way to hit the spot than with good old sausage and mash?

If you need more inspiration for serving up the humble sausage have a look at our selection of Delia's recipes most of which are prepared and then braised or cooked in the oven, and to turn the heat right up how about Sausage with chilli Sauce. Remember, the key is to buy good quality sausages whenever you can, and then just add mash!

Sausage recipes for winter nights

do0043-mincemeat-souffle-22494 ch053-lattice-mince-tart-22075 Hot puddings    

Keep out the cold with Delia's recipes for hot puddings. Our collection features over 40 recipes ranging from crumbles, pies, steamed puddings, and even chocolate risotto. Serve with proper custard, easy to make and tastes miles better than shop bought.

Delia's hot puddings

Low Fat Recipes

h2143-pumpkin-soup-18900 do0010-shepherds-23619  malaysian chicken - how to cheat at cooking stew-pic-1-26908 cappuccino-chcakes-24729

After tightening your belt to pay for Christmas are you now loosening it to pay for all those dips into the Quality Street tin?

Never mind, with a bit of cutting back you can get rid of the pesky extra pounds you've gained without resorting to eating salads in January. Delia's recipes will still give you the comfort of eating winter meals but without the extra fat. A super-quick omelette you can make in a few minutes and spicy lemon chicken for midweek suppers as well as a Provencal Winter Stew or a Lean Shepherd's Pie to fill your kitchen with lovely aromas as they cook. Pudding isn't totally out of the window until February; enjoy Cappuccino Cheesecakes and Squidgy Chocolate Cakes, which we promise are really low fat, just take a look for yourself!

Delia's low in fat high in flavour recipe collection

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