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Preparing for Christmas

ch086-celery-soup-22053 ch193-cranberry-relish-22067 HappyFreezing Last week we focussed our attention on Christmas cakes, puddings and preserves, but this week we want to remind you that it's well worth spending a little bit of time now to making Christmas recipes for the freezer. This will save you time over the holiday, help you avoid any last minute panics, and leave you to get on with enjoying the build up.

As well as ice creams and frozen desserts our Christmas on Ice recipe collection has a recipe for fallen chocolate soufflé, soups for a quick lunch, main courses you can simply defrost if you have people staying, and canapés for serving with drinks.

Take a look at our recipes and enjoy the feel good factor of having a well-stocked freezer, all ready and waiting for Christmas

Christmas with Delia Online

Quick pasta


Pasta recipes are fantastic for feeding the family in the week if you are in a hurry. If you're entertaining, a baked pasta dish prepared earlier in the day and then heated up when you are ready is perfect. There's pretty much something for everyone, cheesy sauces, tomato sauces, spicy and vegetarian, you will always find a recipe to tick all the boxes you need.

Pasta recipes for all occasions

Get baking

coffee and walnut sponge

There is nothing quite like a homemade cake, the smell of it as it cooks, the anticipation of cutting in to it not to mention the satisfaction when you are eating it! One of the great things about cake making is you can keep it as simple or fancy as you like, so choose your favourite kind, chocolate, fruit, sponge, loaf or even a little cake and get into the kitchen this weekend.

Delia's cake recipes

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