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Christmas Stollen

xmas-new-mini-puds-25171 xmas-mince-pies-new-25172 Running out of time?

If time is tight for you to get prepared for Christmas help is at hand with our collection of Last-minute and Easy recipes.

Turkey roulade with stuffing will give you all the flavours of Christmas without the effort, while scallops in the shell look impressive without anyone knowing how easy they are to make.

Caribbean strudel is made with ready-made pastry for a Christmas dessert that can be made remarkably quickly, and if you realise you haven't even thought about Christmas pudding, mince pies or cakes, we have last-minute recipes for all three that are so good, nobody will ever know you didn't get ahead in October!

Last-minute and Easy Christmas recipes


Christmas lunch for 6 people for under £5 per head...

If you are feeling the financial pinch this year you are not alone, even though at this time you can feel you are the only one having to cut costs. One thing you shouldn't let it spoil is your Christmas lunch, you can linger for hours over a lovely home-cooked meal that will last much longer than opening presents, and you will feel satisfied for longer afterwards!

Here at Delia Online we have devised a menu, shopping list, recipes in fact everything you need to make a three-course meal for 6 people for under £5 per head, and we were so amazed we have called it our 'You Won't Believe How Little It Costs!' Christmas.

Don't believe us? Take a look here

Potted Pork Christmas Starters, Vegetables, Stuffings and Sauces   

This week we are looking at starters and accompaniments for your Christmas lunch, and although we don't want you to put your sprouts on just yet, it's worth deciding what you intend to serve on the big day. Roasted winter roots if you want to keep your hob clear, braised red cabbage you can make the day before, and of course sprouts - but this year, why not try them with shallots and sherry vinegar.

The main problem is often timing, so don't get in a last-minute fluster and make a plan now, and if you need any new pans for making sauces, don't forget to have a look at the Delia Online Little Gem 'Sauce' Pan, you still have time to buy one in time for Christmas.

Christmas starters, vegetables, stuffing and sauces

Get freezing for Christmas 

Make sure you spend some time filling your freezer with as much as you can to save time over the holiday.

As well as ice creams and frozen desserts our Christmas on Ice recipe collection has a recipe for fallen chocolate soufflé, soups for a quick lunch, main courses you can simply defrost if you have people staying and canapés for serving with drinks.

Take a look at our suggestions and enjoy the feel good factor of having a well-stocked freezer, all ready and waiting for the Christmas rush.

Christmas on Ice

ch170-cinnamon-ice-cream-22033 Mini Tarts Fallen Choco Souffle ch096-cheese-roulade-22055 christmas stollen ch086-celery-soup-22053

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