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Fifth Term: Perfect Rice and Pasta
Lesson 3: How to Cook Perfect Pasta

Friday Suppers

Do you find that by Friday evening you have completely run out of inspiration for supper?

Pauline Curran, who is a former recipe tester for Delia is so familiar with that feeling, she decided to write her own book, Friday Suppers. Her collection of meat-free recipes is for anyone who wants to cook simple, Friday suppers whether they're an experienced cook or a novice.

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Fake bake

coffee and walnut sponge With the popularity of baking programmes on television, and the renewed interest in home baking we were surprised to read in the news that many people have admitted to passing off bought cakes as home made!

online cookery school traditional oatmeal parkin We can only presume they haven't watched the First Term of our own Cookery School because if they had, they would know just how easy it is to make gorgeous cakes that taste nothing like a factory made, mass produced ones.

So if you are guilty, please take a look at our Perfect Cakes term by clicking the link below to our Cookery School.

Delia Online Cookery School with Waitrose Term 1

Click here for more of Delia's Cake Recipes

Delia Online salt and pepper mills
Salt and Pepper Mills

These CrushGrind salt and pepper mills are the new arrivals in our Delia Online Cookware and Bakeware Range. They have for many years been Delia’s favourites so you can imagine how often hers have been used and are still going strong, we are so confident you will like them, they have the Delia Online stamp of approval.

Made of walnut-stained beech made from timber from certified well-managed forests, their big secret is the ingenious spindle-free ceramic mechanism, which is guaranteed for a lifetime. You can win a set on our Competition page.

Click to find out more about Delia's Online CrushGrind Mills

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