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Mother's Day recipes

Sometimes all a mum wants is to put her feet up and be waited on for a change, and we have put together a very special page of recipes you can use no matter what time you want to celebrate Mother's Day this year.

Whether she would like to be treated to breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner we have a selection of recipes you can use to fit in with her day. From kedgeree to roast beef, fruit salad to cakes, muesli to crumble you will find all you need here.

Mother's Day recipes

      Kedgeree cc081-fruit-mint-vinaigrett-19723 irish tea cake su056-hot-sour-prawns01-20732 Rhubarb_brulee230sq

h2031-guacamole-18919 h2082-latin-american-beef-s-18698 h2212-key-lime-pie-18578Menu of the month

This month we are taking you to the sunshine and warmth of Latin America and Florida, just to get you in the mood for milder days ahead.

A starter of Mexican Guacamole made with fresh avocados, tomatoes and a kick of chilli, a colourful Latin American beef stew is full of vegetables and only needs plain rice to serve. Finally to Florida for Key Lime Pie, easy to make and looks impressive.

Menu of the Month

val-thai-salmon-25324 sf022-salmon-puy-lentils-21457 salmon--25932 Go wild for salmon

Try Delia's recipes using wild salmon, which is available this month. A good source of vitamins, it can help to give you a little boost at a time of year when you might be flagging a little.

Light and delicate it can be quickly baked in foil with nothing more than a smear of olive oil and some lemon, and then serve either hot or cold. If you want to try something a little different have a look at Delia's recipes using fresh salmon in rosti fishcakes, Thai filo parcels, fish pie, or seared with a puy lentil salsa.

Find these recipes and more here

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