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Welcome to the Delia Online Cookery School with Waitrose
First Term: Perfect Cakes
Classic Sponge Cake

summer collection stretched Delia's Summer Collection

Can you believe it is over 20 years since this book was published? It's iconic sunflower cover epitomised the summer of 1993, and heralded new ingredients and recipes to our kitchens that we now take for granted. We have been amazed at the response on our forum thread and can see that recipes from the Summer Collection are still being made all over the world.

See which recipes are coming out on top and tell us which recipes you are still making in 2015.  You can also have a look at all the recipes we have from the book on Delia Online.

Delia's Summer Collection

In season...     

elderflowers peaches courgettes Look out for lovely, ripe peaches for Delia's Fresh Peaches baked in Marsala with Mascarpone Cream a great dessert that can be made well in advance or Peach and Almond Pudding which tastes delicious served hot or cold.

To use up a glut of courgettes try Courgette Soup with Watercress and Pecorino Pesto or for an impressive lunch try Courgette Soufflé.

With elderflower cordial now being widely available you can match it up with fresh gooseberries for Delia's Fresh Gooseberry and Elderflower Muffins one of the recipes in our Online Cookery School.

Delia's recipes using peaches    Delia's recipes using courgettes    Delia's recipes using elderflowers

Delia's Restaurant & Bar

Delia's Restaurant & Bar


This summer you may find yourself in East Anglia, and if you are looking for somewhere really special to eat why not try Delia's Restaurant & Bar, a modern restaurant with a warm welcome. The team prepare and serve Delia's recipes to the letter with locally sourced ingredients, and with a three-course meal including dessert and chocolates for only £35.75 per person, you would be hard pressed to find anything better!

Find out more

 Delia's cake recipes

walnut loaf In the very first term of the Delia Online Cookery School our short videos show how easy it is to make a cake. Our selection here has a great choice of Delia's recipes with everything from fruit cakes and sponge cakes to little cakes and chocolate cakes.

See our cake recipes here


chicken-and-leek-pot-edited-1-26609 Chicken is always at the top of the most searched for recipes on Delia Online, and here we have a selection of the many recipes featured on the site. Very versatile, chicken fits the bill in salads, pies, curries, kebabs, and of course a good old Sunday roast.

Tempt your taste buds in our selection here

Curry recipes

h2203-thai-fish-curry-with-18745 Delia's collection of curry recipes will suit all palates whether you prefer a mild or a spicy curry, and there is plenty of choice here for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Browse our recipes and the bright, colourful dishes will instantly whisk you off to far-flung places, and we reckon you will be pleasantly surprised how easy they are to make.

Delia's curry recipes

Ice cream

su168-strawberry-cheesecake-18980 Keep things cool with ice cream using soft fruits such as blackcurrants, gooseberries and strawberries all in season at the moment. Coconut with a zingy lime syrup looks impressive served in pretty long-stemmed glasses and for a truly refreshing ice cream lemon meringue combines the sharp flavour of lemons with the crunch of meringue.

Delia's ice cream recipes

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