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What's with Pepper?

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Salt and Pepper Mills

These CrushGrind salt and pepper mills are the new arrivals in our Delia Online Cookware and Bakeware Range. They have for many years been Delia’s favourites so you can imagine how often hers have been used and are still going strong.

Made of walnut-stained beech made from timber from certified well-managed forests, their big secret is the ingenious spindle-free ceramic mechanism, which is guaranteed for a lifetime. Fully adjustable to 12 positions, easy to fill and easy to clean you simply can’t go wrong.

For more about the Delia Online CrushGrind Mills and other equipment in the cookery school range click here

Five meat-free pasta recipes

If you had too many burgers and too much roast beef over the weekend having a meat-free day in the week is always a good way to give your system a rest.

Here we have 5 of Delia's pasta recipes that are all meat-free but won't leave you feeling hungry. Quick and easy to make, they are all made with lovely fresh ingredients and we guarantee you won't miss meat at all.

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Delia is in the top 10!

If you are packing up to go to university or college this September, make sure you have a copy of Delia's Complete How To Cook.  In a recent survey by The Independent it was voted number 1 by current students as the most helpful cookery book.

Bursting with great ideas not only for the evenings when you have to cook for your housemates (daunting!), but for the times when you have hardly any cash and find out how inexpensive it is to make simple meals for yourself.

You can also enter our brand new competition specially for students with the chance to win a £100 supermarket voucher and a year's supply of Sacla' Pesto

Find out more here

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