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Christmas Stollen

One month to Christmas!

There's only four weeks to go to Christmas (how did that happen?!). If you have been following our Christmas with Delia Online content, you should be pretty well organised by now. Cakes and puddings made and stored, freezer stocked, biscuits and sweets planned and a start on your Christmas presents - well, that's the theory...

But don't worry if you are a little behind in your planning, you still have time to get on track. This week we launch Starters, Mains, Desserts and a new category of Vegetarian recipes for Christmas.

As we know, it's not only about lunch on one day; the holiday stretches over a couple of weeks, so there is plenty to think about and organise. Our collections will help you focus and get planning over the next four weeks.

Christmas starters, mains, desserts and vegetarian

potted pork xmas-turkey-24057 christmas pudding crackers tomato tarts happy christmas

Venison - lean and low in fat

Venison is in season at the moment, and can be used in most recipes instead of beef.

Here we have five of Delia's venison recipes with a great choice of a slowly braised casserole that freezes extremely well, sausages braised in red wine, pot-roasted and simply served with fluffy mash, quickly grilled served with a red onion confit. And for a special occasion supper for two, Venison Steaks with Cranberry Cumberland Sauce.

Click the images below for Delia's venison recipes.

val-venison-25325 wi087-venison-sausages-in-r-18774 wi114-pot-roasted-beef-in-r-18704 venison-steaks-24497 ma007-venison-steaks-cranbe-18766

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