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Vegetarian recipes for Christmas 

A big favourite among our members is Delia's recipe for Cheese and Parsnip Roulade with Sage and Onion Stuffing and at Christmas it really comes into its own. A perfect choice for anyone who is cooking for vegetarians at Christmas, it's so good, you'll soon find it becoming part of your all year-round repertoire. Find this and other recipes you can serve, by clicking the link below.

Christmas with Delia Online

Hearty soups

wi026-french-onion-soup-18907 When the weather is nippy, a bowl of homemade soup is perfect to warm you up. Our collection of hearty soups range from the humble Leek and Potato to Libyan Soup with Couscous, which is almost a meal in itself. They are really easy to make and as well as filling you up, they will also fill your kitchen with wonderful aromas while they cook.

See our hearty soup recipes here

Autumn chestnuts

chesnuts-19424 Although chestnuts are now readily available vacuum packed so you can buy them all year round, there is a definite autumn feel to them that suits only this time of year. They also partner well with venison and pheasant adding a depth to braised and roast dishes as well as soups and Christmas stuffing. But perhaps one of the best ways to eat them is to buy fresh, roast them at home and get that unmistakeable pungent chestnut aroma. 

Delia's chestnut recipes

In season this month

ch057-spiced-pears-22373 Pears are plentiful at the moment, and here Delia tells you what those hard rock-like pears from your garden that never seem to ripen are, and some great recipes you can use them in, ranging from salads and cheesecake to roasts and desserts. Spiced Pickled Pears shown here looks impressive and tastes wonderful served with cold meats and poultry. She also explains why looks are important when you are shopping for them! 

Recipes for pears

Lazy weekend brunch

croque-monsieur Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, brunch is a relaxing way to start a Saturday or Sunday (or both), while you browse the newspapers and ease yourself into the day. It's also perfect if you have overnight guests and rather than get up early to make breakfast, you can take your time with nothing more pressing than making another pot of coffee.

Delia's brunch recipes you could serve this weekend

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