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h2206-rhubarb-trifle-18651 maple-chicken01-23669 prawn_cocktail_new_2-24809 Menu of the Month for April

Spring is in the air with our lovely new menu of the month. A throwback to the 60’s our starter is Prawn Cocktail, but here made with juicy king prawns and a Marie Rose sauce with a little kick of Tabasco and cayenne pepper. Main course is Oven-baked Chicken, easy to prepare and cooked in under an hour and dessert a tangy Rhubarb Trifle that takes Delia back to her childhood.

April Menu of the Month

refrigerator cake h2108-traditional-roast-chi-18853 kitchen_garden_souffle-24669 Easter Menus

Use our collection of recipes neatly put together to make up a menu for Easter.

Wild salmon cooked slowly in foil, roast leg of lamb, and a traditional roast chicken with stuffing and gravy make up our main courses. For dessert choose from trifle, a very easy refrigerator cake or chocolate ricotta cheesecake

Delia Online Easter recipes

Chocolate is the answer (who cares what the question is)

There are  times when only chocolate will do, and as there is nothing quite like a home made cake, the two go perfectly well together.

Always make sure you use the best chocolate to ensure your cake is perfect. Here we have put together our favourite Top Ten Chocolate cakes, as voted by the Delia Online Team, for a bit of weekend indulgence.

Our Top Ten Chocolate Cakes

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