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A Summer Barbecue Menu for 8 People

To save you time putting together a menu, we have selected some of Delia's recipes for a three-course barbecue for 8.  Our first course is a green salad with American Blue Cheese Dressing and Parmesan Croutons, the main course is All-American Half-pounders, served with Mexican Tomato Salsa, Oven-roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary, and Barbecued Sweetcorn.  To finish off, we have Strawberry Granita.

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A Summer Barbecue for 8


A new addition to the Delia Online range

Delia Online Apron tea towel Oven glove equipment page A new range of textiles to really smarten up your kitchen has joined our Delia Online bakeware and pans.

The three items are now available to buy; we have a Cook’s Apron, Double Oven Gloves and a Tea Towel. Made to the highest standards and finishes, they would make a great wedding or new home present.

Find out more by clicking on the link below.

Delia Online Textiles

h1228-sicilianpasta-23859 h1096-four-seasons-pizz-ckd-18666 Recipes for One

If you are cooking for one person, it doesn't mean you need to compromise on choice.

Delia's book One is Fun is still popular today, and we have a whole selection of recipes taken from it as well as some newer ones that have appeared on the site over the years.

Boboutie, Frying-pan Paella, Kedgeree with Kippers, Butterscotch Bananas and Michael's Mango Fool are all included in the collection plus many more, they're all very easy to follow, so have a browse and choose something nice to make for yourself.

Cooking for One

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