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Perfect Gravy

Spring salads, well dressed

Could there possibly be anything quicker to make for supper than a salad?

Some may turn their nose up thinking a salad wouldn't be enough, so choose one with chicken, beef, crab or tuna for added protein to keep even those with a big appetite satisfied. Salads are also great for using up little odds and ends from the fridge and leftovers, so don't be shy of adding extra to your bowl.

Don't be tempted to buy ready made salad dressings when you can make your own in a jiffy. You may need a little practice, but that's just to get your own perfect balance by adding or reducing mustard, or swapping red wine vinegar for white.

Take a look at one of Delia's favourite salad dressings using sherry vinegar and balsamic, and start experimenting now

salade nicoise   h1024-warm-spinach-salad-18872   h2156-white-bean-tuna-salad-18877   su041-fresh-crab-salad1-21611   h2153-vinaigrette-19640

Three fabulous rhubarb recipes

Delia’s number one rhubarb recipe, Rhubarb and Ginger Brulee, is a classy dessert for serving at a midweek supper, Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch. Pile-it-high Orange and Rhubarb Meringue looks pretty impressive, completely hiding the fact that is it easy to make, with orange to add zing and meringue that is light and fluffy. Finally, Rhubarb and Orange Muffins for a little indulgent treat. The trick here, is to weigh all the ingredients first, then add them quickly one at a time and with only 30 minutes baking time, they are a doddle!

For more recipes using rhubarb click here

rhubarb bruleepile it high orange and rhubarb meringue pierhubarb and orange muffins

Get your children baking

If you have children still on holiday you might just be running out of ideas for activities. Why not get them into the kitchen to try Delia's recipes that are so easy, we think they will find them a doddle. It's a great way to get children interested in cooking and food as well as showing the difference between shop-bought and homemade.

Take a look at our collection of recipes here

oat and raisin cookiesviennese tartletsRock Cakessemolina shortbreads

In Season

Fresh crab is in season at the moment and if, like Delia, you are too squeamish to cook a live crab, just buy one already cooked and follow our instructions showing how to dress it yourself. You can then simply serve it in the shell with some homemade mayonnaise on the side or potted with toasted Irish soda bread. We also have two great starters using fresh crab, Delia's Rosti Crab Cakes and a Thai salad with mango.

Find out how to dress a crab here

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