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How to make a Vinaigrette Dressing

Strawberries... for dessert, afternoon tea or ice cream

ma037-strawberry-balsamic-i-18583 iced hidden strawberry cupcakes su177-fromage-frais-cheesec-18982 The sweet, pungent, unmistakeable smell of strawberries is so evocative, and that is why you should always buy them grown in the UK - because anything imported just won't be the same.

The second rule is to buy too many for your recipe so that you can sneak a few yourself while you are cooking (chef's prerogative and purely to test the quality of course), and enjoy the flavour of these little juicy jewels.

Delia's strawberry recipes



Spring lamb

In season this month, a leg of lamb is one of the commonest, most popular cuts for roasting. It will serve a large family and is excellent for simple roasting at a high temperature. When you cook meat on the bone, the bone inside provides an excellent conductor of heat - this means that the meat will be cooked more evenly with less loss of juices. 

See what else Delia has to say about lamb and browse our recipes here

su162-rhubarb-crumble-icecr-18978 su162-rhubarb-crumble-icecr-18978 Make the most of rhubarb

Rhubarb is still in season, but make sure you look for deep, rosy leaves when buying. Easy to prepare, rhubarb is extremely versatile, not only in crumbles and trifles but also ice cream and even as a confit to serve with roast duck.

Read all about rhubarb and browse Delia's recipes

Perfect pizza

Whatever the weather, pizza fits the bill. Incredibly versatile you can even divide the toppings for a meat eater on one side and a veggie on the other, as well as add an extra chilli kick if necessary.

Some of the recipes in our collection are made with shop-bought pizza bases, but if you are feeling a little Italian, try making your own dough and top with bright, colourful fresh ingredients.

Delia's pizza recipes

su220-frying-pan-pizza-18939 h1095-quattro-forma-piz-ckd-18715 h2221-crumpet-pizza-1-18729 h1096-four-seasons-pizz-ckd-18666 h1097-puttanesca-pizza-ckd-18667

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