Kipper Pate

You could use frozen kipper fillets for this, but even better would be a proper kipper. By the time you've removed the skin and bones from one medium-sized kipper you should be left with approximately 4 oz (110 g) fish.

Serves 1

This recipe is from the book One Is Fun!

Kipper Pate
 4 oz (110 g) kipper
 1½ oz (40 g) softened butter
 2 large or 4 small spring onions, finely chopped
 1 dessertspoon fresh chopped parsley
 2 teaspoons lemon juice
 a little freshly grated nutmeg
 sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
To serve:
 lemon wedge
 cayenne pepper


First of all cook the kipper by removing the heads, folding the sides of the fish together and packing it vertically in a tall warmed jug.

Then pour in enough boiling water to cover the kipper, put a plate on top of the jug and leave in a warm place for 6 minutes. (If using frozen fillets, cook according to the instructions on the packet.)

When the fish is cool remove all the skin and bones, and flake the flesh into a bowl.

Now, using a fork, mash vigorously until you have a paste. Then add the butter, bit by bit, continuing to mash until it is all thoroughly incorporated.

Next add the chopped spring onion and parsley, the lemon juice and a good grating of nutmeg.

Season with salt and pepper (being a bit sparing with the salt) the give the pâté a final mashing till evenly blended.

Pack the mixture into a 4 inch (10 cm) ramekin, cover with clingfilm, then chill in the fridge for at least 2 or 3 hours.

Serve with a lemon wedge, a dusting of cayenne and some hot buttered toast.

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