Marinated Halloumi Cheese Kebabs with Herbs

Vegetarians often tend to feel deprived when invited to barbecues, so we spent an entire summer finding something that grills well on charcoal and has all the fun and flavour – but without meat. This was the one that fitted the bill perfectly.

Serves 2

This recipe is taken from Delia Smith’s Summer Collection.

Marinated Halloumi Cheese Kebabs with Herbs
 12 oz (350 g) halloumi cheese, cut into 1 inch (2.5 cm) cubes
 1 medium pepper (any colour)
 1 medium red onion
 4 medium cap mushrooms
For the marinade:
 1 level teaspoon each of chopped fresh thyme, oregano, rosemary, mint and parsley (or similar combination of whatever herbs are available)
 1 fat clove garlic
 2 fl oz (55 ml) extra virgin olive oil
 juice 1 lime
 freshly milled black pepper
You will also need two 12 inch (30 cm) flat metal skewers.


Begin by cutting the pepper and onion into even-sized pieces about 1 inch (2.5 cm) square, to match the size of the cubes of cheese. Then chop the herbs and garlic quite finely and combine them with the oil, lime juice and some freshly milled pepper.

Now place the cheese, onion, pepper and mushrooms in a large, roomy, non-metallic bowl and pour the marinade over them, mixing very thoroughly.

Cover and place in the fridge for 24 hours, and try to give them a stir round every now and then.

When you're ready to barbecue the kebabs, take the two skewers and thread a mushroom on first (pushing it right down) followed by a piece of onion, a piece of pepper and a cube of cheese.

Repeat this with more onion, pepper and cheese, finishing with a mushroom at the end.

Place the kebabs over the hot coals, turning frequently till they are tinged brown at the edges – about 10 minutes. Brush on any leftover marinade juices as you turn them.

Serve with Oven-roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary - see below.

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