Quick Tropical Trifles

These can be thrown together at lightning speed but taste very cool and sophisticated. The little speckles of vanilla in the custard complete the ‘home-made’ image perfectly.

Serves 8

Quick Tropical Trifles
 5 trifle sponges
 2 tablespoons of any marmalade
 5 fl oz (150 ml) dark rum
 1 x 425 g tin Marks & Spencer sliced mangoes in syrup
 1 x 250 g pack prepared pineapple chunks
 4 large passion fruit
 2 medium, ripe bananas
 1 x 250 g tub mascarpone, at room temperature
 1 x 400 g tub ready-made custard
 1 vanilla pod
 1 oz (25 g) toasted flaked almonds
You will also need 8 x 9 fl oz (250 ml) glasses.


Begin by slicing the sponges in half, horizontally, and spread each half with some marmalade. Re-form the sponges like sandwiches and cut each one into 4. Now divide the pieces among the glasses and then pour a little rum into each one.

Next, drain the mango slices and pineapple chunks in a sieve to get rid of the syrup and juice and then scatter the pieces in the glasses, on top of the sponges. You might need to cut the pieces of mango into quarters if they look too large. Now slice each passion fruit in half and, using a teaspoon, scoop out the seeds and pulp and divide this among the glasses. Next, the bananas can be peeled and sliced into roughly the same-sized chunks as the other fruit and added.

Cover the glasses with clingfilm and chill until needed. Spoon the mascarpone into a mixing bowl, give it a whisk to soften it a bit and then add the custard and whisk the two together till blended. Now the vanilla pod needs to be sliced in half lengthways and the seeds scooped out using a teaspoon. Whisk the seeds into the custard mixture, cover and chill this, too. To serve, spoon the mascarpone and custard mixture over the fruit. Then scatter a few of the almonds on to the surface of each one.

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