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How to cook a Cauliflower

plain scones fruit scones Easy scones

Home-made scones are so easy to make, and if you follow Delia's recipe, there is virtually no way you can get them wrong. All you do is put everything in a bowl, the mixing and rolling is minimal, then all you need to do is cut them out with a cutter. They are perfect for anyone, old or young, who wants to make something home-made and simple. Once you have tried plain scones, there'll be no stopping you, and you can move on to Rich Fruit Scones, packed full of juicy, mixed fruit.

Plain Scones
Rich Fruit Scones

leek-and-pot-soup-25237 wi026-french-onion-soup-18907 h2141-root-veg-soup01-20881 Three warming weekend soups

When you come home after a long day, and don't want to wait to cook something hot, have a pan of soup already made and just warm it through to take the edge off the cold and your hunger.

These three fantastic soups are the most searched for on Delia Online, so we know they are your favourites, so why not give them a go and have something filling and nutritious to eat quickly without reaching for the biscuit tin.

Leek and Potato
French Onion
Slow-cooked Root Vegetable

 broccoli-sprouting-20693 Purple Sprouting Broccoli  

The pretty, frilly leaves of purple sprouting broccoli make a lovely contrast of the purple against the green, and are a perfect addition to your cooking to add some colour. In season at the moment, it really does act as a reminder that spring is getting nearer.

A versatile vegetable, you can serve as an accompaniment simply steamed quickly with salt, or add Delia's chilli and sesame dressing for a little bit of a kick. It can also be added to pasta with pine nuts and sultanas or use in stir-fries with chicken or prawns.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

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