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The Best Roast Chicken

Two's company...

h2062-salmon-pecorino-19628 If you're cooking a romantic dinner we have a collection of Delia's recipes that all serve two people - so no searching around and then trying to work out how to divide up menus for 4 and 6 successfully!

Whether you have plenty of time or are short of time, you will find something to fit the bill with many recipes that can be prepared ahead and then cooked or re-heated on the day.

Delia's recipes for 2

Easy as Pie

rabbit-pie-24710 Our collection of recipes has a pie for all occasions and tastes. Mum's Steak and Kidney Plate Pie or Chicken and Leek Pot Pie for a traditional recipe, Winter Vegetable and Root Vegetable Pie for vegetarians.

Once prepared pies only need whacking in the oven when you are ready and with the combination of a filling and pastry or a topping, you need little else to serve up a truly hearty, warming meal.

See Delia's Perfect Pie recipes

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