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Fifth Term: Perfect Rice and Pasta
Lesson 1: Long-grain Rice

Christmas is on its way

creole cake Today we are launching our Delia Online Christmas 2014 pages.

ch039-light-xmas-pud-22086 wi238-mango-chutney-22593 Starting with collections of recipes for Cakes, Puddings and Preserves you can get ahead with all of the aspects of Christmas cooking you can do now, so that you don't have to worry about it when the festive season looms.

Cakes can be made and stored until they need icing, puddings can be put away until nearer the time and preserves can be bottled and kept to use for Christmas and beyond.

We will be adding to our Christmas content to help you plan yours in good time and keep you focussed.

Delia Online Christmas

wi132-autumn-lamb-beaujol-1-20800 October ingredients

As we say a fond farewell to warm days and sunny evenings, we can at least say hello to lovely autumn ingredients.

Delia's Autumn Lamb Braised in Beaujolais is cooked slowly, and with the root vegetables added to cook in the juices makes it perfect for entertaining. Look out for goose and guinea fowl, both can be baked and roasted and will make a great change for Sunday lunch. With apples, plums and blackberries for pies, garlic stuffed mussels and Louisiana crab cakes for seafood lovers; there is definitely something for everyone.

Take a look at our October ingredients page and a selection of recipes using what's at its best this month

5 great chocolate cakes

Sometimes only chocolate cake fits the bill. A birthday, a wedding, an anniversary... the reasons are endless. Here are five stunning chocolate cakes recipes from the book Delia's Cakes, which all tested successfully using gluten-free ingredients. They look the business, are unbelievably easy to make (one doesn't even need cooking!), and will suit any occasion.

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Refrigerator Cake  Sachertorte Grated Chocolate and Almond Cake chocolate beer cake Moist Chocolate and Rum Squares


Say hello to a handsome couple
Salt and Pepper Mills

These CrushGrind salt and pepper mills are the new arrivals in our Delia Online Cookware and Bakeware Range. They have for many years been Delia’s favourites so you can imagine how often hers have been used and are still going strong.

Made of walnut-stained beech made from timber from certified well-managed forests, their big secret is the ingenious spindle-free ceramic mechanism, which is guaranteed for a lifetime. Fully adjustable to 12 positions, easy to fill and easy to clean you simply can’t go wrong.

Click to find out more

Delia Online CrushGrind Mills

Delia Online Christmas 2014
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